Operations Details during COVID Pandemic

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Our priority is safety. These changes promote safety, social distancing and efficiently moving members through the site. Please be patient and kind as we adapt to the (continually evolving!) new normal. As always, we are open to constructive feedback.

Club Equipment Sanitizing Protocol

  1. All club equipment must be washed and sanitized after each use 
    • High touch places like oar handles, foot stretchers, tracks and oarlocks should be washed.
    • The hull should be sponged off. Everything should be well rinsed with fresh water.
    • People will be allowed to prewash equipment if they feel the need.
  2. No “hot seating” of equipment as everything must be washed after each use.
  3. Only people sheltered together may row/paddle in the same boat.
  4. Put equipment away properly, including oars, slings, hoses
  5. A new rack chart is being created, as well as a system for telling boat size

Facility Changes

  1. Signs emphasizing social distancing requirements:
    • Feel sick? Stay home!
    • Maintain six-foot distancing
    • Cover face on land - mask from car to water
    • Sneeze and cough into elbow
    • No unnecessary physical contact
  2. Limit "gathering" - county health orders restrict gathering, please keep any "hanging out" to a max of 6 people, well-spaced (6 ft or more). If scheduled activity is taking place, please move way away from any place the group needs access including the deck, boat racks, boatyard, and south lot. Preferably head home.
  3. Face coverings must be worn entering the facility - “from car to dock, back to car”. Face coverings may be removed in boats once away from the dock
  4. Limiting the number of people scheduled at one time to ensure a minimum six-foot distance AND have access to boats 
  5. Marked six-foot increments where lines may form - porta potty, bottle filling station, and hand washing stations
  6. Hand washing station with soap near entrance and hand sanitizer stations near gate and other high touch areas
  7. Plan to regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces
  8. Parents or others not participating in a class should wait in their car and not in our facility
  9. Please limit personal belongings you bring and remove them when leaving. People must bring their own water bottle, but can refill it. You may bring a mat to stretch on.
  10. New outdoor cubby for hanging car keys, and finding blank waivers.
  11. First aid kit is hanging outside the office window.

    We have trained coaches and leadership and empowered them to kindly but emphatically remind anyone not complying with the above rules to do so. They are authorized to ask people to leave if they are not in compliance. Please be part of the solution.

    Community Effort - Scheduling

    This requires a shared community effort and kindness and understanding from everyone. In order to effectively share equipment and facility use, scheduled programming will have priority to club equipment during certain times.

    • BIAC’s coached programs will be using club 1x equipment during team practice times. 

    • Please be considerate to our whole community

      • Don’t grab equipment shortly before scheduled programming (see below)

      • Some areas in the facility, especially the deck or south lot areas, are needed for groups to meet and space themselves. If you “hang out” after being on the water, please move to an area like “the garden” where you won’t prevent group gathering.

    Detailed availability

    • BIAC Open & Novice Teams - Tu/Th 5-8am and Sa 6-8am. Please don’t plan to row club 1xs at that time if you’re not on the Novice or Open team.

    • BIAC - E-rows - W/F 9:30-11:30, which will include use of club 1xs (wherries especially) and has somewhat longer time on the dock.

    We have canceled all new big boat programs, i.e. no Learn to Row. However, we are scheduling and holding Learn to ScullKayak, and SUP programming as the weather turns to spring of 2021.

    Private lessons and sculling classes are starting again, class descriptions are here and our booking page is here.

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