Kayaking at BIAC

Learn how to cruise the bay on our sit-on-top kayaks. They are an easy and fun way to exercise while seeing part of bay few get to enjoy. These classes are geared to those who have never tried a kayak or want tips on how to be successful. We teach proper form, maneuvering and how to navigate the inner harbor and Bair Island.

What is a kayak?

A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle. Invented thousands of years ago in Greenland by the Inuit and other native tribes of the Arctic regions, the kayak (from the Greenlandic word "qajaq") was originally used for hunting and to traverse inland and coastal waters. Contemporary kayaks are purpose fit to many different contexts and styles, from freestyle in river rapids to adventures and sojourns with sea kayaks.

The kayaks we have at BIAC are stable and sturdy, a great way to get started exploring the channel and inlets, enjoy a relaxing day on the Bay, and see a myriad of wildlife up close.

The forward stroke is accomplished by twisting from the hips to point one side of your body forward, planting the blade in the water near your foot, and leveraging the rotation of your core to push the craft past the blade. Twist to the other side to take the next stroke, and so on, in rotation. When done well, paddling is a smooth, fluid, motion that maximizes the glide of the boat. 

Classes offered include:

Learn to Kayak

Family Kayaking

Bird-watching from a Kayak

Kids Camp Kayaking and Other Paddling Boats (grades 6-8)

BIAC classes are offered through Redwood City Parks & Rec. Click here to learn more about all our kayak classes and to sign up!


Email our operations director: ops@gobair.org

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