Learn to Surfski at BIAC

What is a Surfski?

A Surfski is a long, narrow, sit-on-top paddling craft with a pedal-operated rudder, a self-bailer, and buoyant bow to punch through waves. Designed for speed on flat water, rough water fun, and downwind surfing, the surfski can be a wonderful, splashy way to get out on choppy water and swells, or a cool, calm way to paddle on flat water and discover the inlets and sloughs.

At BIAC, we have just updated our fleet and have all new Epic V5 and V8 surfskis. These are stable, fast boats that "bridge the gap between sea kayaks and high performance surfskis."

The paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle. The forward stroke is accomplished by twisting from the hips so that one side of your body is pointing forward, planting the blade in the water near your foot, and using your core to push yourself past the blade. Use a quick pull at the end for a crisp blade exit. Twist to the other side to take the next stroke, and so on, in rotation. When done well, paddling is a smooth, fluid motion that maximizes the glide of the ski. 

Registration for Surfski classes is available through Redwood City Parks & Rec

Click here to learn more and to register!

Surfskis are a great way to paddle, which is why their popularity is surging. Surfskis let you enjoy our waters, from flat water to white caps. These classes are geared to those who have never tried a surfski or want tips on how to be successful.

We teach proper form, maneuvering and how to navigate the inner harbor and Bair Island. This class will teach you the basic stroke; training will start on calm water. You will practice how to safely remount your surfski.


Email our operations director: ops@gobair.org

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